Lab Members

Water Systems Management

The WSM Lab is a diverse collection of individuals that are dedicated to studying how water is used in California and beyond.

Present Members

Dr. Josué Medellín-Azuara 

Associate Professor

Nick Santos 

Spatial App Developer

Dr. Chantelise Pells

Research Collaborator

Jorge Andres Morande 

Research Coordinator

Morgan Malone

MSc Graduate

Liying Li 

PhD Student

Lisa Wu 

PhD Student

Everardo Trujillo 

PhD Student

Edison Zhang

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Addison Chen

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Past Members _________________________________________________________________________________

Jina Yin – Post Doctoral Scholar

Ulises Yepiz Yepez – Undergraduate Researcher

Alexander GuzmanLab Manager

Dr. Mahesh Maskey – Postdoctoral Scholar

Duy Do – Undergraduate Researcher

Marco Bell – Former PhD Student

LaFrance Daniels III – Undergraduate Researcher

Elisa Gonzales – Undergraduate Researcher

Kimberly Parra – Undergraduate Researcher

Humberto Flores –

PhD Student

Dr. Angel S. Fernandez-BouPostdoctoral Scholar

Ricardo Arevalo – Undergraduate Researcher

José M. Rodríguez-Flores

PhD Graduate

Clara Medina –

Undergraduate Researcher

Spencer Cole 

MSc Graduate

Jorge Valero

PhD Student