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Dr. Jina Yin

Former Post Doctoral Scholar

Jina Yin received a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University in December 2019. Her research focuses on multi-scale groundwater flow model and saltwater intrusion model, multi-objective water resources management optimization and model uncertainty quantification using Bayesian framework. She has a special interest in finding Pareto optimal solutions for water system management by developing machine learning surrogates on High Performance Computing together with multiple programming languages. Her current work is about water allocation identification for irrigated agriculture in California’s San Joaquin Valley using integrated hydrologic model, hydro-economic and statistical modeling under water scarcity. Furthermore, she is very interested in assessing climate impact and human stress on agricultural adaptation and subsurface system response. She would like to investigate how is supply-demand-driven agricultural adaptation at scales relevant to water-management decisions by conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater. She is committed to academic work and actively participates in research meetings. Besides, she has experience in teaching Hydrology and Reservoir Optimization Design in her graduate studies. She enjoys working in a team environment and interacts with a range of colleagues.

Jina Yin holds a M.S. and B.S. in Xi’an University of Technology, China. In her spare time, she likes hiking and playing badminton. She also enjoys traveling with her families.

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