Welcome to the Water Systems Management Lab!


The University of California, Merced Water Systems Management (WSM) Lab is devoted to combating issues relating to water availability, quality and distribution using modernized, interdisciplinary approaches. Topics of research interest in the lab include agricultural production, consumptive use, hydro-economic modeling and water-informatics.


Sustainable management of water resources is a key factor in maintaining the health of the planet. Directed efforts in allocation and efficient use have become necessary to ensure that this natural resource
can satisfy human expansion rates. The Water Systems Management Lab at University of California, Merced is devoted to combating issues relating to water availability, quality, and distribution. Topics of
research interest in this lab include:

  • Water and Agricultural Economics
  • Systems Analysis in Water Resources
  • Water-informatics

The use of interdisciplinary approaches such as hydrology, dynamic computer modeling, environmental policy, and education to study water management, especially regarding the agricultural sector, aims to
improve both food availability and economic viability of farming and to reduce the environmental consequences of crop production. Better understandings of trends in usage are important in determining
realistic agricultural water-use goals for farmers and for estimating environmental impacts of agricultural activity; these studies can then become important tools in advising policymakers and agricultural


In Memory of Carlos

In Memory of Carlos Patiño Gómez We want to express our deepest regret and condolences for the passing of our friend and collaborator,distinguished academic and professional in Civil Engineering Dr. Carlos Patiño Gómez, Ph.D. With over30 years of experience, Dr....

Congratulations to PhD graduates Jose and Jorge!

The WSM Lab congratulates our members Jorge Valero and Jose M. Rodriquez-Flores on graduating at UC Merced.Jorge ValeroJose M. Rodriquez-Flores

Changes are coming to California!

Credit: BNN BloombergDr. Josue Medellin-Azuara was featured on bnnbloomberg.ca for the amazing research he is doing on the landscape of agriculture in California. Do you ever wonder if California will need to stop growing certain crops or how we will recharge...

How do we make farming sustainable in California?(Featuring Josue-Medellin-Azuara)In the week's Airtalk webcast, we hear from Dr. Josué Medellín-Azuara and his views on cultivating farming sustainability in California. This 25-minute podcast covers California's...

3 Challenges, 3 Errors, and 3 Solutions for climate change policy in California

3 Challenges, 3 Errors, and 3 Solutions for climate change policy in CaliforniaA new paper was published by Dr. Josue Medellin-Azuara, along with Dr. Angel Santiago Fernandez-Bou, Jose M. Rodriguez-Flores,Humberto Flores-Landeros, Dr. Mahesh Maskey, Spencer Cole, and...