Jorge Andres Morande

Academic Research Coordinator & Project Manager

Jorge Andres Morande is an Agricultural engineer with a bachelor in Agronomy (Fruit Production and Enology) at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, a Diploma in International Agricultural Development at UC Davis and a Masters in Sciences in Environmental Systems at UC Merced.

His working experience has included fields such as research, field work, management, planning, development, logistics and operations. J. Andres has worked as farm manager, consultant on perennial crops, agricultural counselor in California for the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile. Parallel, he is the CEO of a startup company that promotes sustainable agricultural innovation in southern Chile.

He is currently working as a Research specialist at UC Davis on several projects aiming to improve crop water consumption estimates using remote sensing, quantifying and modelling carbon sequestration in vineyards and evaluating greenhouse gases emissions and nitrate groundwater pollution in almond orchards.