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Dr. Mahesh Maskey

Postdoctoral Scholar

Mahesh Lal Maskey has a Doctorate in Hydrologic Sciences from the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). He held several lead teaching assistant positions in undergraduate and graduate-level courses, including Physical Hydrology, Systems Hydrology, and the Principles of Hydrologic Modeling. For his Ph. D. research, he was delighted to study the usage of the Fractal-Multifractal (FM) method, a novel geometric approach to model hydrologic signals, such as rainfall, streamflow, and temperature. Further, he envisions the use of the FM ideas he refined in investigating several other natural phenomena in the nexus of climate, energy, and food. Beyond his dissertation, his expertise is on multidisciplinary theoretical and applied research on agriculture, irrigation, crop modeling, and climate models, together with intensive skills in multiple programming languages. He believes that integrating diverse information into a single computational platform is critical to investigate natural systems and better develop adaptation strategies to climate change in the context of the climate-water-energy-food nexus.  In this spirit, he is also interested in developing and refining hydrological models that suit diverse communities under different climate projections. Furthermore, he wants to expand his horizon in investigating economic and social value of natural resources like air, water, and land impacted by ongoing climate changes. Having both academic and industrial experience, he enjoys the challenges that are posed when conducting research in an interdisciplinary setting to develop a concrete scientific agenda. He is committed to scholarly work at the highest level, performing research, and disseminating it to diverse communities in an all-inclusive way.

His education background also includes two Master of Science degrees: Hydroinformatics from the UNESCO-IHE, The Institute for Water Education from the Netherlands (Delft) and Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa. Primarily, he was a civil engineer certified by a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Tribhuwan University of Nepal (Lalitpur).

Dr. Maskey’s publication list is available on Google Scholar.

Projects Dr. Maskey is working on:
Hydroelectric Reservoir operation and Managed Aquifer Recharge with NOAA

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