Lab Members

Water Systems Management 

The WSM Lab is a diverse collection of individuals that are dedicated to studying how water is used in California and beyond.

Present Members

Dr. Josué Medellín-Azuara – Associate Professor

Nick Santos – Spatial App Developer

Dr. Chantelise PellsResearch Collaborator

José M. Rodríguez-Flores PhD Candidate

Jorge Valero – PhD Candidate

Spencer Cole – Masters Student

Liying Li – PhD Student

Clara Medina –

Undergraduate Researcher

Ricardo Arevalo – Undergraduate Researcher

Past Members _________________________________________________________________________________

Jina Yin – Post Doctoral Scholar

Ulises Yepiz Yepez – Undergraduate Researcher

Alexander GuzmanLab Manager

Dr. Mahesh Maskey – Postdoctoral Scholar

Duy Do – Undergraduate Researcher

Marco Bell – Former PhD Student

LaFrance Daniels III – Undergraduate Researcher

Elisa Gonzales – Undergraduate Researcher

Kimberly Parra – Undergraduate Researcher

Humberto Flores –

PhD Student

Dr. Angel S. Fernandez-BouPostdoctoral Scholar