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Maurice Hall

Associate vice president of water for the ecosystems program

 Maurice Hall oversees EDF’s work to revitalize working rivers and their ability to provide a resilient water supply. He focuses on developing collaborative water management approaches to meet ecosystem needs alongside the needs of farms and cities. Approaches central to this work include shaping water transaction programs that achieve resilient water supplies while protecting the environment and vulnerable communities, improving information systems to inform smart management of water resources, and shaping water governance that proactively considers multiple objectives and responds to climate change.

Maurice joined EDF in May 2016. Previously, he served as the water program lead for the Water Funder Initiative, a collaborative effort to identify and activate promising water solutions through strategic philanthropic investments in the United States, starting in the American West. He also spent seven years with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) where his roles included science and engineering lead for the California Water Program. His work focused on improving our understanding of the relationship between hydrology and water-dependent ecosystems and developing integrated water management strategies to restore and protect ecosystems. Maurice holds a B.S. from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and a PhD in Earth Resources, Watershed Sciences from Colorado State University.

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